About Musical Parts And Accessories

Musical String is a remarkable name in the world of musical instrument. The journey of this company was started 32 years ago. Our company makes quality violin, and its parts & accessories. In addition, we make guitar parts. Visit our site for exploring large array of the parts and accessories of stringed instrument.

We make normal violin, maple wood violin, Violin parts and accessories, Guitar parts and accessories. Guitar Bridge Pins for Acoustic Guitar, Violin Viola Rubber Mute, Violin Pegs, High quality Exported Violin Fine Tuner String Adjuster, Guitar Bridge Nut –Saddle are some instances of our creation. We also engaged in manufacturing of export quality parts, for instance, Fingerboard, Tailpiece, Chinrest, Pegs, Endpin, Nut-Saddle.

We are also famous for making some finest quality of Guitar parts and its accessories, such as Guitar fingerboard, Guitar Bridge, Guitar Bridge pin, armrest. We export our fitting parts mostly in England, Japan, Germany, Italy, U.S.A. Sweden, Argentina Canada etc. we also provide our Violin and Parts and accessories to number of school in India.




Violin caring tips to make your strings last

A violin can last for several years if it gets a good care. A well-maintained violin not only offers good tone, and its permanence but the market value of this instrument is also depends on good caring. We are not always conscious about the vital information about the instrument; we often forget some important factors […]


Know the different parts of a violin

When you are going to play a violin, you should know the different parts and the functions of the musical parts of a violin. It will help you to handle and to take care of the instrument appropriately. Here are short notes which will help you to know well your string instrument: Scroll Scroll is […]


Consider the factors before going to pay for a string instrument

Violin is one of the trendy and classy musical instruments. Since along ago, this particular musical instrument has a great demand all around the world. So, when you are going to learn to play a violin, then you must know about the instrument. Before you going to pay for a violin, you should be concerned […]