4/4 Maple wood Violin


4/4 Maple wood Violin


Best quality professional violin

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Product Description

Size                    4/4

Violin Body       Maple Wood

Condition          All Are New
Fingerboard      Natural Ebony A grade
Tailpieces          A grade
Pegs                  A grade
End pin-            A grade
Chin rest –         yes with every violin

Bow –                 Yes

Adjuster –          Silver or Black
Tail-gut              PVC
String                Electrometal

In every Violin Set we provide……

Violin Set = 1
Hard Carry Box = Yes
Bow = Yes
Chin rest = Yes (fitting with every Violin)
Rosin= yes

SHIPPING VIA Reputed Courier Service
Shipping Within 2-3 Working Days
Key success of our violin…

Perfect String Ratio between each String
Perfect String Ratio Between Ebony Fingerboard & String
Active Bridge we convert to each of violin to Active Bridge for Best Sound
Sound Stand we set in perfect position of sound stand for best result

Every and each violin cheaked well by our professional before delivery.
Contact Feel free for any question 9051535607 (Prasenjit)


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