Violin caring tips to make your strings last

Posted on June 20th, 2016  by: violin

A violin can last for several years if it gets a good care. A well-maintained violin not only offers good tone, and its permanence but the market value of this instrument is also depends on good caring.

We are not always conscious about the vital information about the instrument; we often forget some important factors of it and get lazy in taking care of this classy tool. Here are a few expert tips to take better care of your instrument and its bow to keep them in good repair.

Do not try any experiment with your string instrument

Never try to tune the string instrument yourself, because it requires time to learn to do the job properly. If not, it may harm your violin; even it can break the strings. So, take help of your teacher or any expertise if you are not efficient in this job.

Keep your violin in an appropriate case

Never left your string instrument uncovered when you are not playing it. Excessive heat or cold makes effect badly on your violin. So, always keep your violin in a good quality case and be sure that the case has enough padding that provides soft and gentle care of your violin

Clean your string instrument after playing

Never forget to clean your string instrument after playing. Remove the dirt from the violin after every use of the instrument. Take extra care for cleaning the top of the violin and its fingerboard. Be careful not to knock the Bridge out of place. Stay away from using alcohol or furniture polish to clean the string instrument.

Take care of the Bow

  • Rosin the bow of your violin regularly, but keep in mind that excessive rosin may lead to produce harsh tone.
  • Loosen the hair on your bow after playing and then place it in the case. Just turn the screw to loosen the bow hair.
  • Never over-tighten the bow before use; otherwise it may damage the bow.
  • Do not touch the horsehair on the bow. The oils from your skin will damage the hair and reduce its capability to grab the strings.


Follow the above tips to keep your musical instrument better for a long duration.