Know the different parts of a violin

Posted on June 20th, 2016  by: violin

When you are going to play a violin, you should know the different parts and the functions of the musical parts of a violin. It will help you to handle and to take care of the instrument appropriately.

Here are short notes which will help you to know well your string instrument:


Scroll is located at the top of the violin.  It is an ornamental part and it is made carving by hand.


The pegs are inserted in the Pegbox. The pegs are adjusted to tune the violin.


The strings are one of the significant parts of a violin. In fact, the quality of the strings affects the tonal quality produced by the instrument. The strings are made of different types of metals. Mainly, it is made of steel, aluminum. The E string is made of gold. Now, synthetic materials are using in making strings. The ‘cat gut’ strings which is made of the intestine of the animal. It is relatively popular today.


It is a narrow piece of wood pasted on the neck of a violin where the strings are. During his or her performance, a violinist applies pressure on the strings of the fingerboard to change the pitch.


The bridge of a violin provides support the strings and transfers the vibration of the strings to some other parts of the instrument —– generally, a sounding board.


The tailpiece holds the strings so that it has a good distance from the bridge. It is attached to the bottom of the instrument by the endpin or end button.


Endpin or End button is a small button on the side of the violin which rubs against the players’ neck.

Chin Rest

It is an additional device which supports the players chin when they are playing the violin. The chin rest helps the player to hold the violin properly so that the left hand can move easily up and down the fingerboard.

Violin is a classy and delicate musical instrument. Before going to play the instrument you should know well the different parts of it so that you can handle it properly for producing better tone.