How to be a successful violinist: A few tips

Posted on August 4th, 2016  by: violin
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You are  resting on your back on the sofa or in bed listening to a latest album of  your much loved artist,   you feel a mysterious emotions overflowing your mind.  It is as if you are going beyond the reality. It is the brain’s ability to absorb the melody and make it a sense to your brain. This special organization of the brain creates a synchronized effect on our mind. Men’s likings for melody can be traced back to prehistoric time.

The melody or sound  is produced by different stringed instruments, or by beating of some drums or blowing. Music or musical sound in different forms is more meaningful to our brain than any other sounds. Different musical instruments produce different sounds,  but every sound has its own characteristic that suits well for different moods.

Violin tune is bright, dark, powerful or mellow. It doesn’t always convey the same tone among violinist. Actually violin tune is always described in terms of human mood. Audacious, Shy, Retireing, Convinced, Sensible, watchful, Seductive,  Coarse,  Comical and many more. It depends upon the player. There are lots of other notations that are used by the violinist.


But playing violin and becoming a successful violinist are not the same thing. It is perseverance, sincerity and attachment to the instrument that lead you to success. Here are a few things that you should follow to become a successful violin player.

  • Plan your practice according to your passion.
  • Warm up for a few minutes before playing the real tone.
  • Perform improvisation and ornamentation to get new ideas.
  • Adept your intonation to every key.
  • Practice from the score.
  • Be your own teacher and guide yourself.
  • Build stamina, practice during the playing sessions.

If you’re the violinists and want to make it a vocation begin by auditioning as a professional orchestra. Very few really build it. The orchestra is a combination of instruments that are played by the a limited number of selected players.

The number of violinists in the musical organization is also very rare. So, to get a place in the orchestra, you must be talented.  After you have included into any professional orchestra, you will soon be an expert violinist. Enter into an orchestra as a novice, and get out of it as an expert.

At the conclusion

As you can see, violins are not as complicated as you might think. It might need  an elaborate, but actually it is not. Your patience and dedications will help to learn the instrument very easily.

If you’re patient and dedicated, it’ll only take a couple of months to learn to play the violin. Though becoming a violinist is still challenging, but to overcome the hurdles is not so difficult.